Spring Cleaning Your Workplace with Document Scanning

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Spring is the perfect time for tackling those big cleaning tasks. Go beyond polishing the floors or steaming office chairs by turning your attention toward your workplace’s documents as well. Even in the most basic retail or manufacturing offices, you’re bound to find plenty of outdated and sensitive material taking up valuable space. Yet it’s not enough to bring in a shredding service and just get rid of it all. The key to meeting all regulations and laws regarding proper document handling for your business, not to mention ensuring you don’t lose any valuable data, is a reliable laser scanner. Thanks to modern technology, even a simple black and white printer should come with the scanning abilities you need. There are plenty of document scanning solutions to fit every type of office and workplace ready to commit to tackling paperwork overload as part of their spring cleaning efforts.

Start with Security and Document Handling Regulations

Each business is different, and your industry and customer base largely determines what kind of laws will affect your processes. You’ll need to know what type of security, data handling, and confidentiality requirements apply before choosing a scanner. Some equipment includes built-in tools that make it much easier to generate reports proving compliance with HIPAA or other strict document regulations. With many industries required to hold documents or data for six years or even longer, it’s important to start off with secure handling from the start so there are no chances of breaches along the way.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Aside from setting up a plan for document destruction and secure data storage, you’ll need a scanner that can handle processing thousands of documents per day. You don’t want to turn a spring cleaning digitizing effort to stretch into a multi-year project. For most businesses, a high-speed multifunctional printer with cloud storage capabilities is the best choice. This kind of printer produces all the new documents you need for future purposes, but it’s also your best weapon in the fight against clutter from previous years. High-quality scanners are built-in with tools like Optical Character Recognition to convert documents into searchable text files rather than leaving them trapped as images with limited use.

Quality office equipment like the TASKalfa 4054ci from Kyocera will speed through entire stacks of documents, digitizing them without delay. Enhanced encryption and other security features ensure there’s no risk of data theft or unauthorized access in the process. For top speed, the Ricoh IM C4500

The Color Laser Multifunction Printer can scan up to 240 images per minute, with support even for small paper items like receipts and tickets. For a managed IT printer solution that can support your document scanning efforts this spring, consider the HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E877 Printer. Scanning up to 70 pages per minute, this MPS printer can handle stacks of thousands of documents at a time, so you can focus on more important tasks as the printer tackles the scanning for you.

No matter the type of documents you need to deal with and how you plan to digitize them, a multifunctional printer with a scanner will match your needs. Learn more about these printers and other scanning equipment today. You can find this kind of equipment and so much more for upgrading your workplace with our managed printing services and other digital solutions here at WD Technology Solutions.

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