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Spring cleaning means tackling those deep cleaning chores that get put off all too often in a commercial or retail environment. If you’re the logistics manager or head of janitorial services for a large facility, you’ll need equipment that can handle this challenge without disrupting day-to-day business or leaving the carpets wet and in need of long periods of drying. The Clarke EX40 18LX is an ideal carpet extraction solution that simplifies the cleaning process for the entire janitorial team.

Why Deep Clean with a Carpet Extractor?

Carpets used in retail and commercial environments accumulate a lot of dirt with normal use. Even daily foot traffic can leave carpets looking visibly soiled, but clean-looking carpets can still contain enough dirt to wear away the fibers prematurely. Easy weekly or monthly deep cleaning is essential, and a carpet extraction system like the EX40 18LX from Clarke makes it easier than ever to:

  • Extend the overall life of the carpeting by preventing wear and tear from dirt
  • Deal with heavy foot traffic levels, especially during parts of the year that bring in extra mud or dirt
  • Improve the indoor air quality of the facility by removing floor dirt that becomes dust when it dries out
  • Create a cleaner and more attractive overall environment
  • Reduce issues that come with wetness in the carpets by powerfully extracting all the cleaning solution

Choosing the Right Equipment for the Job

Maintenance managers looking to improve the productivity of carpet cleaning practices in their facilities must consider the Clarke EX40 18LX. This user-friendly carpet extractor goes beyond the basic cleaning steps to produce a deep clean that removes dirt from the entire fiber. Yet it also works well on hard floors and even upholstered furniture throughout the facility. A floating brush head offers thorough cleaning results with minimal use of water and cleaning solutions. Thanks to a fully rotating handle, it’s easier than ever to work in tight spaces and corners as well. Minimal water use and energy use also make this model a sustainability win for your janitorial team.

Ready to see this powerful carpet cleaning extractor in action? Schedule a free consultation and in-person productivity day at your facility to try out the product first-hand in your workplace. You can also explore the details on our website and create a login to see all of our product pages and descriptions.

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